The following overview lists the awards, prizes and degrees that Joachim Giesel has received in the course of his career as a photographer.


Date   Prize/award/degree, institution, location.

1961  Chamber winner in the craft of photography, Hanover Chamber of Crafts, Hanover.

1961  State winner in the craft of photography at regional state level Saxony, Landesinnungsverband Niedersachsen des Photographenhangwergs, Braunschweig.

1961  National winner in the practical competition for German Youth of Handcrafts, German Confederation of Skilled Crafts, Cologne.

1961  Journeyman’s certificate, Photographen Innung Hannover, Hanover.

1965  Master craftsman’s diploma, Hamburg Chamber of Crafts, Hamburg.

1970  Honour award, 2nd Asahi Pentax Word Photo Contest Germany, Hamburg.

1973  Bronze medal, brochure competition, werbefachverdand berlin e.V. (organiser), Berlin.

1975  3rd prize in the picture competition for professional photographers, Juwelen Institut e.V. Hamburg; Kodak AG, Stuttgart (organiser), Hamburg/Munich.

1980  diploma degree in photography design at Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

1985  State Award of Lower Saxony for the Creative Crafts, State of Lower Saxony, Hanover.

1992  European Portrait Photographer of the Year, Kodak, Vienna.

2001  Victor – Grand Prix of Photography, Association of Independent Professional Photographers (PPofE) (organiser), Belgrade.

2006  Diploma Master of Image. Award in recognition of the highest standards achieved in creative analogue and digital photography, Association of Independent Professional Photographers (PPofE) (organiser), n.d.