Nude Studies 

The selection of nude studies shown here were taken in Giesel’s studio at Plathnerstraße 9 in Hanover. In condensed form, these creatively staged photographs create a new narrative of bodily forms between intimacy and spontaneity.   

Technical skill in the use of light as well as a positive, communicative relationship between photographer and model are essential in Giesel’s nude photography. The low-key-nude studies were taken between the 1980s and the year 2000. Nude 5 shows a black-and-white shot of a woman’s body with her right arm looped around her bent legs. The nipple is in the direct center of the composition. Due to the choice of framing and the strong light-dark contrast, the female torso becomes an abstract, surreal bodyscape. Her chest, upper body, and lap lie in darkness, with only thin streaks of light falling on her thighs. Giesel creates an approachable and timeless atmosphere, by staging the body as a canvas for an interesting play between light and shadow. 


2004 Hannover, Handwerksform: Der Fotograf Joachim Giesel: Fünf fotografische Serie

2014 Hannover, Galerie Holbein: Die erotische Pose (Gruppenausstellung)

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